Kioti Tractors RX8030 Cabin / 4 in1 Loader


RX8030 Cabin Utility Tractor


Now with 4 Year Warranty


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New streamlined hood which improves visibility. The 60 degree hood opening angle without any side covers enables convenient access for easy maintenance. Other improvements are larger tyres, 50% more lift capacity, higher road speed, increased fuel capacity and higher hydraulic flow.  The RX8030 is a versatile work-horse that will suit a variety of applications such as vineyard work, loader work and is compact enough to do smaller job around the farm. Powerful environmentally friendly turbo charged 80hp CRDI diesel engine offers high output, low noise, low vibration and lower fuel consumption compared to some of the competitors. The new PowerShuttle on the RX8030 provides smooth and easy shifting from forward to reverse without depressing the clutch pedal. The transmission features 24 forward and 24 reverse gears to handle all kinds of jobs. The RX8030 is perfect for long days working with a front end loader. Full independent PTO with auto-stop function. Standard dual remote hydraulic valves accommodate a wide variety of attachments and implements. A mid-mount double acting valve and a single lever joystick for loader operations are standard on the RX series. The RX series tractor has two external hydraulic lift cylinders with a lift capacity of 2,256 kg.

  • Kioti RX8030Cabin
  • 76 Hp Daedong Diesel
  • Fwd/Rev Shuttle
  • 24 X 24 Transmission
  • 4 x 4 with Diff Lock
  • Wet clutch
  • Deluxe Air Conditioned Cab with ROPs
  • Auto hyd PTO
  • 4 in 1 Bucket standard

Cabin Features

Kioti upgraded the interior of the new comfortable luxury cabin with a fully adjustable suspension seat right hand armrest, easy visible dash instruments and easy access to controls and buttons. Levers and buttons are color coordinated for better distinction and safety.  A step through platform provides easy access. Air Conditioning, heating and ventilation provides the extra comfort for the operator in tough Australian conditions. All RX models cabins are equipped with a Radio / CD player, cup holders and Sunvisor.